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Military Family Life Counselor - Ms. Lisa Loeffel

People in front of American Flag
People in front of American Flag

I am the Meadow View Elementary Military Family Life Counselor (MFLC.) I am excited to be working with parents, students and staff. This program is a funded position by the Department of Defense (DoD.) The Child and Youth Behavioral Program (CYP) here at Meadow View is a component of the Military Family Life Counseling program. All counselors are masters or doctoral level mental health clinicians. In this role MFLC's provide short term, solution focused and motivational brief counseling services to active duty military members. We also provide support to active duty military spouses, their dependents and school staff. MFLC's are located on most installations, in Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) and Location Education Agencies (LEA) schools across the nation. Our services are free and completely CONFIDENTIAL except as mandated by state, federal and/or military reporting requirements and duty to warn situations.

Before working with any child, a parent/guardian must sign and return the MFLC Permission Form.   

Counseling services do not include facilitating therapeutic groups or providing therapy. Another parameter is service members and family members who are "in the system" may only obtain services in which they are already involved. Being "in the system" is when they are being seen by social services, involved in a law enforcement investigation or seeing mental health.

Please remember that in addition to supporting your Meadow View Elementary student I am available to work with staff, parents and families as well. I am able to accommodate appointments and meetings. Please don't hesitate to call at (910) 459-6145.

An Additonal Free Resource for students and families is accessible at Free Personalized Help is available from a Live Expert! Go to to create your free account!