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Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS): Students are rewarded for their Positive Behavior In School!

Meadow View Elementary Students Exercise Mustang PRIDE by following the 3 School Rules!

We use and recite our PBIS School Rules on a Daily Basis!

  •  Be Safe
  •  Be Responsible
  •  Be Respectful

Students can Exercise that Mustang PRIDE everywhere they go by following our 3 School Rules. Students show PRIDE in the Cafeteria, Hallways, Restrooms, Classrooms, on the Playground, during Assemblies, in Media, with Technology and on the Bus!

Mustang Bucks: Meadow View Elementary's Reward System. Students earn Mustang Bucks for awesome behavior in school and on the buses. Students may purchase items from the school store with their Mustang Bucks!

Click on any of the PBIS Lessons to view students and teachers modeling correct and incorrect behaviors in the common areas.  

PBIS Assembly Lesson

PBIS Bus Lesson

PBIS Cafeteria Lesson

PBIS Hallway Lesson

PBIS Playground Lesson

PBIS Restroom Lesson