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Weekly Newsletter 

Weekly News


This week we’ve been working on recognizing numbers 1-120, as well counting up to 120.  We are learning about how to compare numbers, not with greater than and less than, but simply being able to identify the order numbers and how they relate to each other on a 1-120 chart. 


I have been reading the book “The Mouse and the Motorcycle” to the students.  With this read aloud, the students are asked basic comprehension questions, they are identifying main characters, as well as the setting of the text.


We are working on writing upper and lower case letters appropriately.  We’ve created a writing checklist the students can use to determine if they are writing sentences correctly.  This includes correct capitalization, spacing, and the use of punctuation.  We’ve also been writing simple sentences, where the students are given a subject, and they create a sentence around that subject.

Word Work:

This week’s spelling words include some sight words, as well as words with ‘an endings.  For example, pan, ran, etc.  We are working on sounds in order for the students to become more independent in sounding out words to spell them when they write.  My goal is to have them less dependent on me to spell things for them, and more dependent on their use of phonetics. 

Things for Parents to Know:

·        Continual practice with these skills at home is a great way to reinforce what your child is learning in school.

·        I use an app called “Remind”.  This is a great app for quick communication and announcements between school and home.  This app will send messages to you in the form of a text and will provide a way for you to respond in a timely manner.  I put in all the parents who I have email addresses for, but some parents have been telling me they aren’t receiving messages.  You need to download the app on your phone, and then put in the code 2bdc8f to join the group.  Please let me know if you have any trouble accessing the class.  Once you are on, please send me a quick message so I know who has joined the group.

·        I like to send emails, as well to make sure parents have several avenues in which to communicate with me.  My email address is .  I created a group with the email addresses I have, but I’m missing information for several students.  If you did not receive a test email on 09/18/17, and you would like to be added to the email list, please get that information to me.

·        I have been administering beginning of year assessments in order to make sure your child’s language/reading skills are addressed appropriately.  Once all the data is collected and reviewed for that, I will be placing your child in a small group in which their specific needs can be met.

·        I am sending this first newsletter home in paper form, future newsletters can be found on my website at: .  Click on school staff, scroll down to my name, and there you can access calendars, news, upcoming events, etc.