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Weekly Newsletter 

Week of November 13-24

Important dates:


Thursday, November 16 – Popcorn money due for popcorn Friday


Friday, November 17 – Popcorn Friday/items for feast due. If you cannot help with the item requested, please let me know by this date.


Monday, November 20 – Thanksgiving Feast in Mrs. Raike’s classroom! If you can help, please let me know ahead of time! J


Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (November 22, 23, and 24) – No School for Thanksgiving




In ELA, we are focusing on scarecrows this week. We are in the full swing of Daily 5 and doing a fantastic job. Sight words for this week’s test are: three, and, for, jump, help, where. Please review these for the test Friday.


In math, we are looking at measurement. Ask your child to put things in order of height, length, and weight. Which one is the tallest, shortest, same size?


Continue helping your child with writing for meaning. Ensure your child is using a capital letter only at the beginning of a sentence, using finger spaces after each word, and ending with a period. At this time, your child should be able to start a word with the beginning sound (for example “d” for dog).


As always, if you have questions, please let me know!! 

Week of October 30-November 3

This week our focus will be on spiders. We will be looking at the beginning, middle, and end of a story. We are going to be reviewing many story elements we have learned this past nine weeks as well as comprehension strategies. The students will continue to learn new sight words and wrap up the letters of the alphabet. Sight words for this week are: is, it, one, big, run, not. During writing, students will continue to finish a sentence and label their picture with beginning sounds. In math, our focus will be comparing numbers, counting one to one, more, less, and the same. 

Remember to read nightly with your child and practice a few sight words. New homework calendars will be in journals to begin Monday, October 30th. This is a reminder to please use both sides of paper in the homework journal. If you can fit more than one night of homework on a page then please do! It will save so much paper! 

Please send in class snack on your child's specified Monday if you would like to participate. If you choose not to participate (please let me know), your child will need to have a snack in his/her back pack or lunch box if you would like him/her to eat snack with the class. 

Important upcoming dates:

  • Monday, October 30 - Character Ball from 5:30-7:30. Come join us for a fun-filled family night!
  • Tuesday, October 31 - End of 1st nine weeks
  • Friday, November 10 - No school in observance of Veteran's Day



Week of October 23-27

We are learning about pumpkins this week since we are going to Mike's Farm on Wednesday, October 25th! We are focusing on the book Pumpkin Town while also reading other stories involving pumpkins. We will be learning new vocabulary words as well as sight words. We will be focusing on the conclusion of the story and being able to relate to events happening in a book. Ask your kid(s) about these vocab words: dull, delicate, marvel, sag, and distant. Please allow a few days for us to really learn the meaning of these words first. 

The sight words we are looking at this week are: my, we, the, to, in, it. These words can be found on the homework paper. Students should be able to recognize these words at the end of the week. We use these words in our writing as well. 

In math, students will be looking at reviewing numbers 0-10 and putting them in the correct order. Students will need to know what number comes before and after a specific number. For example: the number 6 - what comes before 6? (answer: 5)  What comes after 6? (answer: 7)  We will begin to compare numbers later this week. 

In science we will learn about pumpkins and their life cycle. It is a very fun experience! 

Please continue to work on reading, homework, and sight words each night! Thank you for your continued support. 

Important dates:

  • Wednesday, October 25 - field trip to Mike's Farm
  • Monday, October 30 - character ball at school from 5:30-7:30 (Come out and enjoy some fun!)



Week of October 16-20

Our theme for this coming week is bats focusing on the book Stellaluna. We will be doing all kinds of activities that include learning about bats.

In reading, we will be learning about retelling, problem/solution, and inferring. While reading with your child, ask him/her, "Where does this story take place? Who are the characters? What happened at the beginning, middle, and end of the story?" 

In math, students will be learning how to identify, write, and represent numbers 6-10. Have your child count objects and tell you how many. Ask your child to show you some number of objects (such as 7 socks). 


Important dates and reminders:


  • Thursday, October 19 is a half day for students. School dismisses 3 hours early. 
  • Field trip money is due Monday, October 23. Please make sure you also send in a signed permission slip by this date as well.
  • Wednesday, October 25 is our field trip to Mike's Farm!
  • Please make sure you are reading each night with your child and studying sight words! Your child should be able to recognize at least 5 by now.
  • Continue working on homework.





Week of October 2-6

We have a lot of activities going on in the month of October! Here are a few things to keep in mind for this month.


  • Federal Impact Aid Cards are due back to the school! 
  • The Book Fair is coming this week!! This is such an exciting time for kinder kids! It will be open from October 5-13. If you send in money for your child to go to the book fair, please label it and write anything specific you would like your child to buy. Your child will have help buying his/her items. Please remember to send enough money for taxes. 
  • Monday, October 9 is a teacher workday. There is NO SCHOOL for students that day!! 
  • Tuesday, October 10 is literacy night! Please come out and join us for a great evening from 5:30-7:00. You may visit the book fair that night as well. 
  • October 19 is a half day for students
  • Field trip money is due Monday, October 23. Please make sure you also send in a signed permission slip by this date as well. 
  • We will be going on a field trip to Mike's Farm October 25. We will leave the school shortly after arrival and get back to school late in the afternoon (around 2pm). It is a long day so please dress your child according to the weather for that specific day. Please be aware that there can be bees and insects around the areas where we will be eating and it's best not to send sweet sugary foods that day. If you want to come with your child on the trip, you must drive yourself and pay $10 for the activities. Unless you are fingerprinted with the county office, you cannot help with the other students.  
  • Please make sure you are completing homework with your child and reading each night. 
  • Sight word lists and list one cards will be sent home this week. Please make sure you practice a few sight words each night until your child has mastered a list (list one, then list two, then three, and so on). It is really best to practice just a few words at a time until your child has mastered those few words before moving on. Many times it is very overwhelming for a child to try to practice all 20-25 words each time they sit down to practice. I have made list one cards for all students. Please keep these in the sight word sheet protector in your child's folder in case students are to practice sight words during the day. Please do not write on the sight word list as it is my way of testing your child. 
  • Your child can buy ice cream and snacks from the cafeteria during lunch if he/she has money on his/her account. The cafeteria cannot charge the account for snacks/ice cream but they cannot deny them of those items if money is on the account. If you do not want your child to buy these or only on certain days, please send a note specifying. 

Below you will find what we are working on this week in each subject area:

ELA: This week, we are working on the theme of transportation. Students will be making connections and visualizing during our readings. We will also continue working on labeling drawings and adding simple sentences through teacher modeling. Students will also be looking at onset and rime.

Math: Students are working on sorting items by attributes. They will also identify patterns and look at items that are more than, less than, and the same. 

Science: Students will begin really looking into weather and seasons and why we have them. 




Week of September 25-29

Wow, we've been in school for a whole month already!! It's flying by and we're learning a ton!

In reading, we will be focusing on seasons. We will be looking into the author and illustrator, their jobs, as well as why trees appear to change. 

In word study, the students will be working with syllables and reviewing rhyming words. 

During writing, the students will continue working on labeling their illustrations as well as forming a simple sentence. They will learn how to copy text from the board into their writing journals. 

This week in math, we will begin a new focus which will be sorting and classifying objects. Students will find matches, sort by an attribute, notice differences, and look at objects and how they are alike and different. 


Important dates: 

*Thursday, September 28th - Interim reports (sometimes known as progress reports) will be coming home on Thursday, September 28th. Please sign and return this as soon as conveniently possible. This report will tell you what your child has been introduced to and is currently working on. 


*Homework journals are due this Friday, September 29th. Please make sure your child has his/her homework journal in his/her book bag Friday. I will return them with October's calendar in them on Monday, October  2nd.

*Please make sure your child has an extra set of clothes appropriate for the season at school at all times. We always want to be prepared in case an accident of some sort occurs.

*The behavior calendar is one day off for the enrichment schedule because we do not have enrichment on PD half days. Therefore, Friday, September 22nd was an "A Day" and Monday, September 25th will be a "B Day" and so on. Thank you for understanding. 

*Kindergarten school fees are $6.00. Please send it in your child's money pouch and write how much, what it is for, and when you sent it. If you need change, you will receive it the next day. 



Week of September 18-22 

During this week, students will begin receiving classroom jobs. This gives them great opportunities to show responsibility. It also establishes good social skills.

In literacy this week, kinder students will be learning about apples. We will be learning how to identify different kinds of texts by also looking at nonfiction books. Students will learn the importance of seeds in an apple's life cycle. We will also continue learning how to ask/answer simple recall questions from the story. During word study, syllables will be a focus point. Letters C, D, E, and F will be taught and practiced this week. For writing, students will continue illustrating and labeling their stories, adding in simple sentences as the teacher models.

In math, we are going to continue working with numbers 0-5 by comparing and ordering them. Understanding quantities is another main focus for this week's math lessons. 

During social studies, we will be continuing to work on rules, authority figures, and fairness/equality. 

Our social skills lessons will revolve around impulse control, voice volume, and tattling. 

Important dates:

*Picture day is MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18th!! 

*Professional Development HALF DAY for students is THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21st. Dismissal is 3 hours early! Breakfast is NOT served this day as lunch time is very early.


*If you have not done so already, please send in $7.00 by September 18th for your child's kindergarten t-shirt that is specific to your child's classroom teacher. Each kinder class has their own t-shirt color. We wear these class shirts on field trips, to performances, and anytime your child feels so inclined! 


*Kindergarten school fees are $6.00. Please send it in your child's money pouch and write how much, what it is for, and when you sent it. If you need change, you will receive it the next day. 




Week of September 11-15

This week at school, kinders are learning about so many new things! We are also continuing to practice routines and procedures. 

In literacy (reading, writing, and word study), students are close reading the book Huggapotamus and listening to many other read alouds for enjoyment and comparison. We are focusing on friendship and discussing it in our Social Skills lessons as well. We are learning about characters in a story as well as the problem/solution. Students are learning how to draw and label their pictures in order to get them prepared for writing. We are still working on rhyming words. The letters A and B are also being introduced. From this point on, a new letter of the alphabet will be the focus each day. 

Please note that kinder students are required to recognize, spell, and write their name. Continue working on that at home. If your child can recognize, spell, and write his/her first name then please begin working on the full name (first and last). 

In math, we are working on numbers 0-5. Students are learning how to count using their fingers, objects, and five frames. We are also working on writing numbers 0-5 as well. 

In social studies, rules is the main focus for the week. 



*Please, please remember that picture day is MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18th!! 

*Continue reading with your child each night and completing homework to be turned in at the end of this month. 


*If you have not done so already, please send in $7.00 by September 18th for your child's kindergarten t-shirt that is specific to your child's classroom teacher. Each kinder class has their own t-shirt color. We wear these class shirts on field trips, to performances, and anytime your child feels so inclined! 


*Kindergarten school fees are $6.00. Please send it in your child's money pouch and write how much, what it is for, and when you sent it. If you need change, you will receive it the next day. 



Week of September 5-8

This week, kinders will be continuing to learn routines and procedures specific to our school and individual classrooms. We will be focusing on the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and using our first names to create unique artwork. This will help students learn the letters in their name as well as write it independently. We will be looking at numbers 1-5 to get acquainted with counting. 


A snack calendar will come home in your child's take-home folder this week. Please continue to send in one snack each day for your child this week. We will begin class snack next week on Monday, September 11. Your child will bring in one bulk snack this month to share with the class. Snacks brought in are put in a bin for students to pick from during snack time. Please make sure snacks are dry (with the exception of apple sauce in squeeze pouches) and individually wrapped. This cuts down on messes and time taken to prepare for snack and then clean up. Although we do not have any students in our class with peanut/tree nut allergies, there are kinders that are allergic to peanuts/tree nuts. Please be conscious of that when purchasing a snack and try to avoid snacks made with peanuts or contain peanut butter. Also remember, your child will only eat ONE snack during snack time. So if you send a banana, pretzels, and fruit snacks for just your child, he/she will only choose ONE of those snacks to eat for that day. Students have access to the water fountain in between our classrooms so there is no need for special juices or water to be sent for snack time. If you have any further questions about snack, don't hesitate to contact me! 


Tuesday, September 5th, our school will be participating in an assembly in the multipurpose room to learn about the Candy Man fundraiser! More information about this fundraiser will be sent home with your child this week. 


If you have not already sent in an extra set of clothes with your child, please do so as soon as possible. Accidents and spills can happen and we want to be prepared.