Lorraine Messer Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Fourth Grade


I graduated from Weir high school in Weirton, WVA. After my high school grauduation, I went to a state college called West Liberty in Wheeling, WVA. While attending college, I played softball for the Mountaineers. I am currently enrolled at UNCW to obtain my Masters Degree in Education.


I have taught regular education in Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina. I began teaching 38 years ago at a school located in Belleville, Ohio. All the grades I have taught have been in the elementary area. I left regular education and am currently teaching in the Exceptional Needs field.


It has been eleven years now that I made the move from Ohio to Jacksonville, North Carolina. I was hired initially to teach regular education at Summersill Elementary. Within twenty days, I transferred to Swansboro Elementary and when Meadow View Elementary was built I came here to teach fourth grade as well. I left regular education to teach Exceptional Needs children. Eric, my son, serves in the Air Force and has done tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Abu Dhabi is married and lives in New Albany, Ohio. I have a granddaughter named Reagan who also lives in Ohio. Finally, I spend my evenings playing with Molly my Jack Russell terrier. She keeps me fit due to her hyperactivity.