Subjects Taught
Homework, Math, Reading, Science, Second Grade, Social Studies


I graduated from the CATO School of Education  of Queens University of Charlotte with magna cum laude. My course of study focused on instructing students from diverse backgrounds with a multiple points of entry. I have been trained on how to instruct students using Bloom's Taxonomy, multiple intelligences, multiple view points, scaffolding and integration of the arts.


I have had the opportunity to teach in classroom since my first year of college. As a result, I have had experience teaching in every grade level in the K-6 range and in every subject. I have acted as a private tutor for high school and middle school students seeking to enroll in a private school that required an entrance exam. This is my second year teaching second grade here at Meadow View Elementary. Before teaching second grade I taught third grade and completed my student teaching at the fifth grade level.


I come from an ethnically mixed, military family. As a result, I have a love of different cultures and enjoy learning about new places. In my senior year of college I traveled overseas to learn about Greek culture. It was during this trip that I got to explore the Greek mountains and islands, visit Turkey and see dozens of historical locations. While on this trip I learned the value of being globally and culturally aware and I hope to pass this knowledge down to my students. 


As for my personal life, I have an obsession with learning. I spend my free time gardening, reading, watching documentaries, writing children's and young adult books, building models and researching how to make my life more environmentally friendly. At this point in my life I do not have any children of my own. However I do have two very loving cats, Juniper and Ash, and a leopard gecko, Fluffy, who help me to learn more about the behaviors of animals and the human impact on the environment.