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I graduated from UNC-Greensboro in May 2010 with my BFA in Theatre Education. During college I had the opportunity to gain a comprehensive knowledge of what theatre is, inside and out. I have experience in acting and directing plays as well as set building, using lighting and sound design equipment, and playwrighting.

I love working with puppets and I've had experience with maskwork. I also have had experience in being an extra on a film set and love pursuing oppurtunities in community theatre.


My teaching career is still just getting started and I'm in my 5th year. After college I taught Theatre I, Tech. Theatre, and Advanced Theatre classes at Independence High School in Charlotte. I'm so happy to be working with kids again, as they have the biggest imaginations! While in college I got the chance to be a director, actor, lighting designer, among other I love every piece of the puzzle. What I think is the most amazing thing about drama is that it teaches you to work together, and I hope my students will learn the importance of how to work together after being in my class.

My students will learn about every part of what makes up drama/theatre, from set design and costumes to puppets, playwriting, and acting. It's my hope that through this class my students will also gain more confidence in themselves, which will prepare them for the future.



Hello, my name is Ryan Walker and I'm the drama teacher at Meadow View. I've lived in NC my whole life and plan on staying in the area for a long time, as it is such a beautiful place to be. I have an older sister and two wonderful parents who support me in my endeavors without question. I come from a family who believes in hard work and preserverance.

This will be my second year at Meadow View and if the first year is any indication, this year is shaping up to be a successful and fulfilling one.Before coming to Meadow View, I taught theatre and technical theatre at the high school level in eastern Charlotte. I love working with elementary aged kids.

Some of my interests include personal fitness, acting, movie-making and video/sound editing, playing guitar and piano, songwriting, and healthy cooking. Overall, I like to live in the moment and smile alot...because if I smile, that may cause somebody else to smile back and have a better day!