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What is happening in the dance room with

Mrs. Burlingame this week?


All grade levels will be exploring Relationships Content. Relationships Content is defined as a connection with whom or what we move. It includes temporal content. Temporal relationships deal with time. Time displayed differently with two different people or objects (props and set). Some examples are: canon, unison, ripple, and compliment/compare. We will integrate dance with Science, Math, English Language Arts or Social Studies in the following ways:


Kindergarten – Students will learn movement phrases that encourage the choreographic tool of unison, performing movement at the same and the same way. Students will integrate Math and English Language Arts concepts by identifying letters and numbers.


First Grade – Students will use the choreographic tool of a ripple. A ripple is performed by a group of students. Each student performs the same movement but at different times, consecutively. Students will also use Science standards to create a dance that demonstrates the changes of the Moon’s appearance from day to day.


Second Grade – Students will use Science content to compare weather patterns that occur over time. Students will utilize the compliment and compare techniques to create a dance based on their Science Curriculum.


Third Grade – Students will create movement based on canon content. During a canon movements are introduced by one dancer and then repeated exactly by subsequent dancers in turn. Students will integrate Science by incorporating material about shadows.


Fourth Grade – Students will create movement using all temporal relationships. Students will integrate with Science by creating choreography that exemplifies rapid processes such as a landslide, volcanic eruption and earthquake.


Fifth Grade – Students will use all temporal relationships as choreographic tools while focusing on freshwater, ocean and grassland ecosystems.