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Welcome to the MVES Music Page!  Click on the "calendar" link to see dates of upcoming cultural arts field trips and MVES music performances!  The students and I will be busily making music and memories together! Below are some of the things we will be learning at the beginning of the school year!


Kindergarten and First grade students will begin the year by learning about steady beat.  They will also be exploring the four different ways to use their voices (speaking, whispering, calling, and singing).  Ask your child where they should use their calling voice and different places they should use their whispering voice.  


2nd grade students will be learning about melody.  They will learn that a melody is made up of different pitches, and a melody can go higher, lower, and sometimes even stay on the same pitch.  We will be exploring the pitches mi, sol, and la.  Ask your child to sing Engine Engine #9 to you!  Soon students will be ready to compose and preform their own melodies using these three pitches!  


3rd grade students will begin by reviewing melody and rhythm.  So far we have learned about quarter notes, quarter rest, and eighth notes.  We will be working on reading and writing standard rhythmic notation as we sing and play our classroom instruments.   



4th grade students have be studying rhythm and how it is connected to math and fractions.  We will be been playing xylophones, metallophones, glockenspiels, and other percussion instruments in class as we learn to sing and play Orff instruments to folk songs. 


5th grade students have really enjoyed learning the traditional American folk song "Ama Lama."  So far students have preformed it in cannon, created their own body percussion accompaniment, and learned to play an Orff Orchestration that goes with it.  We are also beginning to study rhythm and how it connects with math.     


Check out this page for updates and information throughout the school year such as performance dates/times, information on cultural arts field trips, playing recorders, and more!  I'll keep you posted :) You can also check out my teacher website for more information.