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Welcome to the Meadow View Elementary School Music Page!  Click on the "calendar" link to see dates of upcoming cultural arts field trips and MVES music performances!  The students and I have been busily making music and memories together! Below are some of the things we are learning.

  • Kindergarten students have been exploring rhythm using spring themed manipulatives. We are making A+ connections between the number of syllables in a word and how you would write that word using music notation.  Soon we will begin learning songs for the upcoming end of the year kindergarten celebration. 


  • 1st grade students did a fabulous job performing "Seussical Jr." for their fellow MVES Mustangs and their Parents!  I am so proud of all their hard work! Click on the Photo Album to see a picture of their performance.   


  • 2nd grade students have started a unit on music from around the world!  So far we have learned the songs, "One, Two, Three O'leary" from Ireland, "Sorida" from Zimbabwe, and "Me Stone," from Trinidad. Each time we learn a song from a different country we also discover interesting information about that countries' culture, geography, traditions, cuisine, and traditional instruments. 


  • 3rd grade students have just finished up their unit on singing the major scale.  Ask them if they can sing the "Do Re Mi" song from The Sound of Music!  I issued a challenge to all third grade students. I told them if they could sing the major scale to me by themselves, using the using the Kodaly hand signs, they could earn a dum dum.  Needles to say I am now out of dum dums!  Several students wree able to sing the scale forwards and backwards so they earned two dum dums! Next we are exploring the instruments from the four music family groups.  Ask them if they can name characteristics of the percussion family.



  • 4th grade students have been studying rhythm and how it connects to math and fractions. We have started playing recorders in music class.  So far we have learned "Hot Cross Buns," "Au Clair De La Lune," and "Merrily We Roll Along."  So far I would really say they have gotten this recorder thing in the B-A-G!


  • 5th grade students have been learning to sing in cannon, create their own body percussion accompaniment, and play an Orff Orchestration accompaniment to folk songs.  We have also been studying rhythm and how it connects to math. 5th grade students are currently playing recorders in music class.  Ask them to show off their recorder karate belts to you!  This week in music students got to "B Funky" as they improvised a four beat rhythmic pattern on the note B for their classmates to echo. Soon we will begin wrapping up our recorder karate unit and we will begin learning to sing two songs for the fifth grade end of the year celebration ceremony.    


Check out this page for updates and information throughout the school year such as performance dates/times, information on cultural arts field trips, playing recorders, and more!  I'll keep you posted :) You can also check out my teacher website for more information.