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Visual Arts


Let's Create!

Projects that are happening in the Art Room! 


Kindergarten: Students create a tissue collage of flowers with relation to the artist/author, Eric Carle, while reading "Draw me a Star" by Eric Carle.

First Grade: Students will read the story "Why is Blue Dog Blue?" by:  George Rodrigue and create a painting with relation to the story.

Second Grade:  Students will read the story "Tar Beach" by:  Faith Ringgold and create a patterned paper quilt with relation to the book.

Third Grade:  Students will explore Folk Art by American artist, Howard Finster, while creating an autobiography and self-portrait painting.

Fourth Grade:  Students will create a self-portrait while learning how to proportion their face.  Students will paint their self-portraits as well as create a tissue collage for the background.   

Fifth Grade:  Students will design a color wheel while exploring various color combinations and color terms.