Vision: Creative Respectful Empowered Accountable Talented Innovative adVentures in Education

Mission: MVES is committed to inspiring students to be creative, innovative problem solvers who are prepared to be globally competitive in the technological world today.

Purpose: To educate students through creativity and innovative approaches.

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School Events
•  Easter
•  Report Cards
•  4th Grade Field Trip - Raleigh
•  Math Counts
•  4th Grade Field Trip - Heritage Day!
•  Ci-Ci's Pizza Night

Organizations Events
•  Easter  (B2B Student Ambassadors)
•  Report Cards  (B2B Student Ambassadors)
•  PBIS Celebration  (B2B Student Ambassadors)
•  4th rehearsal  (Drama Club)
Time: 4:15 PM
•  5th rehearsal  (Drama Club)
Time: 4:15 PM
4/25/2014 to 4/26/2014
•  Relay for Life MVES Team Event - Northside High School  (B2B Student Ambassadors)
Time: 5:30 PM
School Speech Contest!
(L-R) Jamie-2nd; Jenna-1st; Aden-3rd - Congratulations!
Congratulations to our Speech Contest Winners!  They each wrote and delivered a speech on the topic of "The importance...

Mid-Year Pep Talk   
Listen to Mrs. Godwin's Pep Talk!

Townhall Meeting   
Read to Review the Mid-Year Expectations!

What is PBIS? Prezi   
Learn about Positive Behavior Intervention and Support

School Bus Safety   
Check out the online Bus Safety Video!